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New release soon out

We have been busy and are about to churn out a new release. I can't promise any date but it shouldn't be many weeks away.

Here's a plea: if you care about the quality of this software then I'd welcome any testing for the CVS version. In particular I'd like to know that the sound driver selection and ALSA work for you. It's all new and seen testing only on limited hardware.

Important changes:

We now have a stable preset format. It's based on windows .ini style format, and provided for free by glib, GTK+'s cross-platform support library.... read more

Posted by Antti S. Lankila 2005-09-05

Release 0.3.2

Release notes:
- re-worked distort2 effect; no need to download few Mbytes of lookup tables
- new equalizer effect
- GTK 2 port
- better presets for phasor, distort1, tremolo effects
- a lot of minor fixes

Posted by Max Rudensky 2005-05-11

0.3.2 pre-release available (for Windows too !)

0.3.2 pre-release is available from the site home: Also the Windows binary is included.

Everyone is encouraged to test as much as possible; submit any bug/problem using bugtracking facility.


Posted by Max Rudensky 2005-04-29

Upcoming release & features in CVS

Good news.
After almost two years of silence I at least got some free time to develop this project. Great thanks to Eugen Bogdan, now we have re-worked distortion (emulation of Ibanez TS9 pedal), and equalizer. Sounds pretty good with my guitar :-)
Everyone interested can checkout the anon CVS and build the program.
I estimate to have a release soon. Need to make it work with GTK2 on windows, and few small things.
Everyone are invited to test.... read more

Posted by Max Rudensky 2005-04-07

Patch for 0.3.1 version released

Please check the Patches section for this patch.
It fixes minor compilation error of src/distort2.c file.

Posted by Max Rudensky 2003-04-21

Version 0.3.1 released

18 April 2003, Version 0.3.1
- New distortion effect
- Noise gate effect

Posted by Max Rudensky 2003-04-18

GNUitar v0.2.1 released

Main features in this release:
- Change sampling params from the interface;
- Meaningful measure units (%, ms) for every slider control;
- New phasor option - turn on bandpass filter;
- A lot of code cleanups;
- Delay was fixed to reset memory on "Time" slider update;
- Minor documentation updates.

Posted by Max Rudensky 2003-03-15