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Version 1.0 coming soon ...

Mainly waiting for the new version of rakarrack (v0.6) to be release ...
In the mean time I've updated the web page:

And I've uploaded a RC1 for anyone to test it and provide me feedback :)

Posted by todoesverso 2010-11-01

GNUGuitarINUX v0.04 Released

I'm happy to announce the release of a new version of GNUGuitarINUX, it has many new packages and tha latest releases of the most important programs such as, rakarrack, guitarix, tuxguitar ... and more.

Download available at:

Posted by todoesverso 2010-06-23

Rakarrack v0.5.8 Equinox Released!!

Rakarrack has a new release (code name Equinox) and its available for download at:
Don't miss it!!! :)

So I'll be releasing a new version of GNUGuitarINUX really soon :).

Posted by todoesverso 2010-06-21

Version 0.04 delayed

Version 0.04 is delayed due to some issues I have with the latest code changes in rakarrack GIT repository.
But stay tuned because it will have many new features!!!
Remember to contact me for any issue at all:

Posted by todoesverso 2010-05-22

Version 0.03 is out!

A new version of GNUGuitarINUX is out!
It has the latest rakarrack from git repository, a script that mounts the next available partition as the user's home and a nicer menu :)
Also by following this wiki you can boot "toram"

Posted by todoesverso 2010-05-07