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#15 DLMs and widgets

Maurizio Tomasi

I am writing a large data analysis application using
IDL (~80,000 lines of code). It uses a rather complex
graphical user interface which we chose to write using
GTK+ 2.8. In order to do this, we put all the GUI code
into a DLM.

Since GDL currently does not support widgets, I was
thinking of using the experience matured in this
project to implement GTK+ widgets under GDL.

Unfortunately, the current version of GDL does still
not support DLM, and the use of LINKIMAGE is not
compatible with IDL. My questions are the following:

1. Is LINKIMAGE going to be IDL compatible, or will it
stay as it is in GDL 0.8.11?

2. Has anybody planned to think/implement support code
for DLMs? If it is so, will it eventually be

Letting the users to re-use their DLMs written for IDL
would in my opinion speed up GDL development, as any
advanced IDL user could reuse his/her shared libraries
without recompiling them.


  • Joel Gales
    Joel Gales

    Logged In: YES

    Duplicating the entire IDL LINKIMAGE API in GDL would be a
    major undertaking although it might be possible to add some
    of the more common structures and functions in the short
    term. I'm not sure what you mean by DLM support. The GDL
    LINKIMAGE uses dlopen().


  • CALL_EXTERNAL is now available as well in GDL.