Need a guide to setup GDL

  • Hi Everyone,
    I am very new to GDL. I am struggling to install and configure GDL under Linux.
    I checked all the depedency required like glibc version, plplot, readline, but issues are coming at each step. Hence took again ununtu 12.4 which has glibc>2.15 then I installed plplot 5.9.9, in the last when installing the  gdl 0.9 rc3 its compilation fails.
    If anyone can suggest me steps he/she has followed in successfully setting up the gdl i will be very thankful to him.

    Waiting for the kind reply.
    Thank You.

  • Hello,

    First, please try a pre-compiled package of GDL. They are available for Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, Ubuntu, ArchLinux, and some others. Second, if compiling from source please use the current version of GDL. 0.9 rc3 which you mentioned is ca. 3 years old!