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multi-page PostScript, getlogin() failed!

  • I have problems with ps device. When I use the following command including "device,/close",

    device, file='data/spectrum_A.ps'

    I get the error,

    % Warning: getlogin() failed!

    When I remove the "device,/close" line and write,

    device, file='data/spectrum_A.ps'

    I get the error,

    % Warning: multi-page PostScript not supported yet (FIXME!)

    Either way I am not getting the desired ps file, an empty ps file is created. Please help….

  • By the way I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

  • Alain C.
    Alain C.

    First time I read report about this "getlogin()", to be checked !
    pb with blanck PS is known :(

    if you are compiling by yourself GDL, it would be better to desactive libps (-without-pslib)
    on U 12.04, I would advice to desactivate IM and switch to GM

    We hope to have very soon a revised version of some Graphical parts, thanks to Gilles !


  • Hi,

    "Warning: getlogin() failed!" is just a warning and tells you that GDL was not able to retrieve your unix username to be put into the PS file in a header comment. This happens e.g. when using the screen terminal, and it is handled by gdl. That's not an error - just a warning.

    "% Warning: multi-page PostScript not supported yet (FIXME!)" is related with the fact that pslib does not handle yet multi-page postscripts. Using "ENCAPSULATED" keyword to device disables use of pslib so you can try this way. You should then get a multi-page eps (which is not PostScript standard compliant, but that what's the plplot library outputs).