Restoring IDL save file did give a SEG fault

  • npmk

    Does anyone have had success with restoring an IDL save file with a data
    structure in it? 

    I installed  CMSVLIB routines, and then tried to open the save file, but it did not work:
    GDL> !path='/home/kuin/work/giulio:/home/kuin/myidl:/home/kuin/myidl/gdlpro:/home/kuin/myidl/gdlpro/cmsvlib'
    GDL> restore , 'work/'
    % Compiled module: CMRESTORE.
    % Compiled module: CMSVLIB.
    % Compiled module: CMSV_OPEN.
    % Compiled module: CMSV_RREC.
    % Compiled module: CMSV_RRAW.
    % Compiled module: CMSV_RVTYPE.
    % Compiled module: CMSV_RDATA.

    % BaseGDL::DataAddr(...) called.
    % Execution halted at: RESTORE              1 myidl/gdlpro/
    %                      RESTORE              1 myidl/gdlpro/
    %                      $MAIN$         
    Segmentation fault

    From memory, the save file has a structure

    r_str with several arrays (string, float, integer), with 2 or 3 indices.

    The note that the CMSV procedures would only restore 'data' maybe means not structures ?  How should I interpret this result?  Hopeless?  I wondered if
    someone had thoughfully written his/her own routine to save a structure from
    IDL in a way that it can be restored easily. Any suggestions?

    Any help will be appreciated.