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command history on Mac OS

Alain C.
  • Alain C.
    Alain C.

    I wish you an happy new year

    I include two weeks ago in CVS a preliminary version of history managment,
    on the same basis than IDL since 6.0

    When you restart a session, you can browse in previous commands you type during previous
    session(s) (up-arrow). Ascii file is saved in ~/.gdl/history

    I tested with success on x86 (debian) and x86_64 (mandriva), but I cannot test on Mac OS X.
    Could someone try that and give feedback (does it compile out of the box ??).
    (What should I modified ?)

    If all goes well, I then should be able to add the  /RECALL_COMMANDS keyword in HELP procedure.

    May -be we can later evolve closer to last IDL fonctionnalities
    ( postfixed with <-- date/hour--> info, see in ~/.idl/itt/r*/history )

    As a corolar, please give also feedback for the HOST/HOSTNAME/get_hostnameminor  improvment
    form the Mac OS X side (if trouble when compiling gdljournal.cpp, you can use the 1.10 version
    instead 1.11)

    Thanks a lot


    • Joanna

      I have succeeded compiling it on a Mac OS X (10.5).  readline works great. I had to set some environment variables on the Mac before GDL would find the required libraries and compile.  But it compiled successfully and works.