#67 rdimon.spec no such file or directory

Version 1.x
Carlos Delfino


MAC OS X 10.9.4
Eclipse Keppler
GCC 4.7.3
The ARM Eclipse Plugin is the last version on site in 15/agosto/2014

I install the plugin folowing all instruction on site.

Create Hello World Projet following instrcution on site. But get erros on file in attch.

How I make wrong? How to correct?

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  • exactly which project template did you use?

    can you retry this on a fresh workspace and report the results?

  • Carlos Delfino
    Carlos Delfino

    Ok, working now, but I need set the Global Path for my ToolChain.

    I Have more with one in my computer.


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  • yes, you always have to set a path, either global or per project.

    but I did not understand exactly what template you used and what you did wrong, on my Mac following the steps in the documentation always worked.

    • Carlos Delfino
      Carlos Delfino

      When you asked about template, was questioning concerning the processor?

      I am confused by this nomenclature.

      When I create the project, I can choose between Project Type, already with two test:

      Executable, "Empty Project"
      Executable, "Hello World Project ARM Cortex-M C ++", Cortex-M0

      I was making mistakes by not having informed the path of gcc that I downloaded.

      After creating the project, I go into properties and am setting the build settings.

      From what I understand, the fact that I was one toolchain installed by MacPorts installed as suggested and another just unzipping like the gnuarmeclipse tutorial, he was finding what was installed by MacPorts, and this does not seem to have the rdimon.specs files.

      When I informed the path for the second installation, it started to work well.

      This was the point where I have erred.

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  • Hmmm... How many times do I need to explicitly tell in the manuals not to have the toolchain path in the system path since this is a source of confusion?

    • Carlos Delfino
      Carlos Delfino

      Senhor Liviu, vou escrever em português.

      Você não precisa escrever mais de uma vez. Basta uma única vez. E

      Porém, sempre será preciso deixar algumas informações claras e é ter muita
      paciência relativa ao suporte.

      A confusão que falo é relativo a nomenclatura adotada, quando o senhor cita
      "template", como ainda não domino sua ferramenta, fiquei confuso sobre o
      que se tratava.

      Sou grato pelo seu suporte.

      O problema já está resolvido.

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