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Commit [40a7e3] Maximize Restore History

template cortexm & stm: ccnature

- add ccnature to all projects
- fix cortexm trace definitions to match stm (uppercase)

Liviu Ionescu Liviu Ionescu 2014-03-26

changed ilg.gnuarmeclipse.templates.cortexm/templates/cortexm_project/template.xml
changed ilg.gnuarmeclipse.templates.stm/templates/stm32f4xx_exe_c_project/template.xml
ilg.gnuarmeclipse.templates.cortexm/templates/cortexm_project/template.xml Diff Switch to side-by-side view
ilg.gnuarmeclipse.templates.stm/templates/stm32f4xx_exe_c_project/template.xml Diff Switch to side-by-side view