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Created Updated
105 Auto return from Debug to C/C++ perspective pending asier 2015-08-24 2015-08-27  
74 Peripheral registers view with GDB Hardware Debugging pending Wojciech Grygierek 2014-11-25 2015-03-03  
52 STM32L Support pending Giannis 2014-06-12 2015-03-04  
46 Import gcc project pending Abdessamad 2014-05-04 2014-07-07  
44 Add black magic probe debugger pending jonathan 2014-03-19 2014-04-12  
38 Switch automatically to editor perspective once debug is terminated pending XFCE Evangelist 2014-02-20 2014-03-17  
33 parallel build enabled by default? pending Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-02-08 2014-04-12  
32 change linker scripts in templates to Eclipse preferred macro pending Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-02-08 2014-07-07  
31 improve debug configuration management pending Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-02-07 2014-04-12  
28 Support of open-hardware (K20 and K22) pending Mateusz Kaduk 2014-01-28 2014-07-07  
24 jlink disconnect/connect to running target pending Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2013-12-17 2015-03-26  
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