#54 Wrong file extension from Create Flash Image

Version 0.5.4
Interface (13)
Przemyslaw W

Changing Output file format to binary produces binary file with "*.hex" extension. (Project properties->C/C++ Build->ARM Sourcery Windows GNU Flash Image->Output: Output file format (-O): [binary] )
This is not very serious problem but very misleading for people who are new in ARM processors world ;)

Console Log:
Invoking: ARM Sourcery Windows GNU Create Flash Image
arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O binary Led-Blink1.elf "Led-Blink1.hex"
Finished building: Led-Blink1.hex
Plugin: GNU ARM C/C++ Development Support -
Eclipse: Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers, Version: Juno Service Release 1, Build id: 20120920-0800
Toolchain: Sourcery CodeBench Lite 2012.03-56 - 4.6.3
OS: Win7x64


  • Confirm. It's annoying bug, because when you load this file to some third-party tools they suppose intel hex format from file extension.

    Workaround: edit "command line pattern" on "Create Flash Image" page, replace ${OUTPUT_PREFIX}${OUTPUT} with ${ProjName}.bin (or specific file name).
    Example: "${COMMAND} ${FLAGS} ${OUTPUT_FLAG} ${ProjName}.bin ${INPUTS}"

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    • status: open --> closed
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