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GNU-Darwin status updates

Posted by proclus realm 2014-08-15

Jill Stein for President

Jill Stein for President http://www.jillstein.org/. She has a great website!

Posted by proclus realm 2012-07-15

It appears that GNU-Darwin is losing the xi.n

It appears that the TLD grabbed xi.nu in order to charge a premium price. I recommend avoiding the .nu TLD at this time.


Posted by proclus realm 2012-06-08

GNU-Darwin site blackout to protest #SOPA

GNU-Darwin site blackout to protest #SOPA and #PIPA? – #OpBlackout

GNU-Darwin site blackout to protest #SOPA and #PIPA? – #OpBlackout

I would love to hear whether GNU-Darwinists had any objection to our joining Reddit with a site blackout action on Jan 18th. Of course, objections from existing subscribers will be taken more seriously ;-) . I’d also love to hear from blackout supporters, so feel free to let me know how you feel about this possibility.... read more

Posted by proclus realm 2012-01-11

I have a report that US gov sites now blockin

I have a report that US gov sites now blocking access to www.elpais.com. Did I wake up in an Orwell novel? #wikileaks #cablegate #leakspin

Posted by proclus realm 2010-12-15

GNU-Darwin recommends not to use PayPal until they restore W

GNU-Darwin recommends not to use PayPal until they restore Wikileaks payments.

Posted by proclus realm 2010-12-08

Michael L. Love: X-ray lab home page

http://biophysics.med.jhmi.edu/xtal/ - Thought that some of you might like a look at the home page of the
X-ray facility that I manage. I am in the midst of updating the
facility progress table. Hopefully we will have current data there
soon. Forecast sunny ;-}.


Posted by proclus realm 2010-11-23

My recommendation is to avoid the airport...

Posted by proclus realm 2010-11-11

The 'Bill To Combat Online Infringement'


Concern about the 'Bill To Combat Online Infringement' - #eff #fsf #dmca #music #downloads #technology

Who are the REAL pirates? Those rallying behind the 'Bill To Combat
Online Infringement' seem too quick to label internet users as
pirates, an archaic term which refers to terrible crimes on the high
seas. Exploiters from Hollywood and the likes of Viacom rallied
behind the Senate bill. Entities such as these are well known for
their seemingly endless capacity to harm both their customers and the
artists that toil and create the works. If we are to call something
piracy, surely THAT is piracy. Can we trust people given to such over
the top rhetoric, and with so little respect for our rights. Can we
sensibly give them the keys to our internet access?

Posted by proclus realm 2010-09-21

Healthful benefits of grapefruit naringenin


The bioflavonoid naringenin is an obvious candidate for molecules activism, because of its ready availability in grapefruit, but also because if its many healthful benefits. Recently, naringenin was demonstrated to interfere with the spread of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in kidney cells, and a clinical trial is currently underway to find out if grapefruit consumption can be therapeutic to those who are afflicted with the viral infection. For those who are frequent readers of this blog, it should come as no surprise that flavonoid molecules, such as naringenin, could have anti-viral activity. Moreover, it has already been mentioned that this flavonoid molecule, like kaempferol, is superior to EGCG for the enhancement of catalase activity, which is important for protection of our cells from free radicals and peroxide. Grapefruit naringenin is a rising star!... read more

Posted by proclus realm 2010-09-21

A very interesting social bookmarking site!

Posted by proclus realm 2010-08-24

http://XI.NU http://wireless-x.com me@work

Posted by proclus realm 2010-08-06

Spill onto Washington DC: Oil out of the U.S.

JOIN SPILL ON TO WASHINGTON DC http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=128192210550148 AND
The Million Gulfers March @ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=139349099409447 IT TAKES A LOT OF SPOKES TO FORM A STRONG WHEEL THAT WILL TAKE US ALL THE WAY TO WASHINGTON DC UNIFIED. PASS THE WORD!

Posted by proclus realm 2010-07-06

Join the movement to Separate Oil and State! #BP Oil Spill

http://proclus-gnu-darwin.posterous.com/join-the-movement-to-separate-oil-and-state No More Oily Congress! GNU-Darwin joins Oil Change International in the movement to Separate Oil and State. Write your Representatives to demand that they stop taking cash from and giving cash to the oil industry. Go to http://priceofoil.org/action and join us!

Posted by proclus realm 2010-06-25

GNU-Darwin Action: Blackout Friday

BP Boycott: Wear black like the poor birds and fishes.

Posted by proclus realm 2010-05-26

# # GNU-Darwin Action: Boycott BP

Posted by proclus realm 2010-05-21

mobile-x: GNU-Darwin

Posted by proclus realm 2010-05-21

GNU-Darwin Action: multibanding

Michael L. Love: ZooLoo Graffiti, a favorite social networking tool, multibanding - proclus - Greenpeace USA Blog: http://ping.fm/ziNq4 : There is definitely a deepening activist dimension in the latest wave of social media and networking. I am calling this multibanding, and it is an extremely powerful communication tool for broadcasting information. If you are not yet aware of these facts, you might want to read my latest article.

Posted by proclus realm 2010-05-09

Please help Dr. Love find ancient lore regarding, etc.

Please help Dr. Love find ancient lore regarding parsley. http://xi.nu/gd206

Posted by proclus realm 2010-05-08

GNU-Darwin: user@xi.nu email address for you!

Internet services now provides for email at our experimental short url, user@xi.nu. http://webmail.gnu-darwin.org/

Posted by proclus realm 2010-04-28

GNU-Darwin: Michael L. Love: addressing backlash pain

http://blogs.vitacost.com/Blogs/proclus/Archive/2010/4/8/1384.aspx There is an interesting phenomenon where pain killers might not work well under conditions I call prostaglandin crash: prostaglandins are already too low for Cox inhibitors such as aspirin, ibuprofen to have any effect. This situation could relate to diabetic neuopathy and other types of neuropathy. It may also relate to the unusual aches...... read more

Posted by proclus realm 2010-04-08

GNU-Darwin Action: parsley and autism, DRAFT,

Posted by proclus realm 2010-04-06

Current alpha darwin8+, plz report.


packages and ports directories, including the current alpha for Darwin-8 and above. This package set is the basis of the GNU-Darwin Molecules machine, so that it is heavily tested. If you try it, please send a report, so that we can move it to beta and release. All suggestions welcome.

Posted by proclus realm 2010-04-06

GNU-Darwin Historical Review

News releases going back to the begining of the project in November of 2000 have been synced up to the project blog. This blog is mirrored in several places. Cheers!

http://proclus-darwin.livejournal.com/ http://proclus.tumblr.com/ http://proclus.xanga.com/ http://proclus-gnu-darwin.posterous.com/ http://www.advogato.org/person/proclus/

Posted by proclus realm 2010-04-02

GNU-Darwin is worried about Facebook censors

Posted by proclus realm 2010-03-27