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GNotary Digital Notary / News: Recent posts

gnotary moved to savannah.gnu.org

Gnotary has moved. CVS tree, gnotary mailing list etc. now available at http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/gnotary

Posted by Dr. Horst Herb 2001-11-25

gnotary client source and binaries available

Courtesy of John Lamb, Windows binaries are available (no need to install Python and wxPython). Source of the wx based GUI client available from CVS, binaries will be uploaded tomorrow after some testing

Posted by Horst Herb 2001-10-28

gnotary online

You can test our first running gnotary service by submitting an email to "gnotary@gnumed net" with "gnotarize" (without the quotation marks) as subject.

Posted by Dr. Horst Herb 2001-07-03