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Codebase on CVS available

Initial planning stages are finished! The actual software development can now proceed. Andrew posted a codebase to CVS with documentation.

However, please ignore the current tarballs until further announcement.

proj. admin

Posted by Joe Gadell 2000-03-13

Discussion updates and Developers needed

We turned off the Forum feature because they seem to be a huge pain. Please feel free to join the mailing lists and share your thoughts, or just listen in. The mailing lists are 100% spam free.

We need MS Exchange experts to help with the coding and to test Gnosis as time progresses. If you can do either, please send us an e-mail or let us know in the developer mailing list.

Posted by Joe Gadell 2000-02-03

Planning almost complete...

We've been in the planning stages for awhile, now. We're almost ready to start development in the next week or two. If you're interest in helping, or have an questions, please send us e-mail at


Joe Gadell
Gnosis Dev.

Posted by Joe Gadell 2000-02-02