#93 Default CSS file

Tim Nelson

As per suggestion by mwtalbert, I'm requesting that we have a CSS file that controls how the text of the bibles is displayed by default.


  • per-module css was recently added. see https://sourceforge.net/projects/gnomesword/files/Xiphos/Testing/ for pre-built versions. add PreferredCSSXHTML=style.css to a module's conf and put whatever you like in that. we have been experimenting with things like 2-column mode using "body { -webkit-column-count: 2 ; margin-top: 0.1cm ; }" though it has limitations when trying to keep the current verse visible due to use of anchors. or you can get double- or triple-spacing with "* { line-height: 2em ! important; }" (or 3em).

    i'm not sure about adding a single css file to control everything because it would seem to affect too much -- how one wants genbooks to appear is very likely to be different from how one wants bibles to appear. still giving that thought, now that we can do css at all.

  • don't know why i'm so paranoid. added in -r4659. but caveat emptor, you can do a lot of damage to yourself by screwing this up. use ~/.xiphos/default-style.css.



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