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#193 Macro


Is it possible to have a macro written for libre office so we can paste bible verses into our documents?


  • i'm mostly just confused by this request. in what way is the existing export capability insufficient, that there is a need for support in libre office? export as either plain text or html, and paste the result into a libre office doc. no problem for me, and i don't grasp what macro support would be appropriate.


    • Anonymous

      I did not place the request, but I suspect that I may know what the percieved problem is. In cutting and pasting from Xiphos to Libreoffice, everey verse number is marked by a strange little grey rectangle before and after the number. I haven't checked to see just what that little rectangles stands for, but I have developed the practice of copying texts first to Gedit, and then to Libreoffice in order to get rid of it.

  • i discussed this briefly in the developers' list. opinion found takes several forms:
    - if you are copying out as html, copy out as plain text instead. paste that, and i think you'll find it quite acceptable without all the html-isms.
    - there is a growing concern over extending xiphos to places where it probably ought not go. better, it is thought, is to make any such an extension part of libre office itself rather than to add to xiphos in areas where it is not particularly well-suited.



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