#127 Module: Install/Update: Hotkeys


In the Module Manager/Modules/ Install/Update the modules are grouped by
- categories (e.g. Biblical Texts, Commentaries ...) then by
- languages (e.g. Afrikaans, Burmeses ...)
both preceeded by a triangle to click on to open/close groups.

As hotkeys work the Up/Down arrows to move up/down the list of modules of different groupings (as far as those have been opened)

-> Add the Right/Left arrow keys to open/close those groupings


  • It would be nice, if the Enter key could be used to confirm (or do the opposite) for the choice of modules to be installed.

  • This is something that is controlled by your GNOME desktop (gtk theme settings to be precise). Most people want all of their software to work the same way, therefore it is not polite for us to override these settings specifically for Xiphos. It is worth noting that the default behavior for Xiphos on Windows does allow using the Right/Left arrow keys, because that is typically how treeviews work on Windows.

  • I do not know much about the basis of Gnod/Kde and Xfe used in Ubuntu.

    The feature I requested is working in also in Gnome for:
    - Mozilla (e.g. Firefox/Menu/Bookmarks/Bookmar Toolbar and also in Thunderbird archives).
    - Bibledit (e.g. Menu/Styles/Open), which was particularly built for Linux.

    Is there a way to do it in a similar way in Xiphos as Firefox/Thunderbird and Bibledit does it?



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