#474 win32 "waf configure" fails to find many *.h

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Karl Kleinpaste

this report created on request of martin zibricky.

"waf configure" on linux and most other platforms performs fine in discovering the necessary *.h. for win32, however, it misses almost all such files, oddly discovering sys/types.h but failing to find sys/stat.h, as well as unistd.h, stdlib.h, stdint.h, inttypes.h, string.h, strings.h, ... for the time being, a hack on win32/makeDistro.sh does an after-the-fact re-edit of config.h so as to assert these files' presence, but obviously "waf configure" should discover these files on its own.

important platform note: we are cross-compiling for win32, on ubuntu using GHellings' mingw packages. please see him for details on setting up a build environment.


  • update to assign directly to martin.

    • assigned_to: Karl Kleinpaste --> Martin Zibricky
  • in preparation for 3.1.6, we are now cross-compiling from fedora. many mingw packages are already standard in fedora, and greg hellings has arranged for all other needed libs.

  • this report has been open for 2¼ years and i'm sick of looking at it. the grotesque hack will have to be sufficient in perpetuity because nobody cares.

    of course, no one but me builds for win32 anyway, so surprise is not a qualifier that seems to have any meaning here.

    • status: open --> wont-fix