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#468 Problems with separators

GUI (232)

I think these are unexpected behaviours (that I can easily reproduice on xiphos 3.1.4-mozembed under Ubuntu 11.04) :

1) Move the left vertical separator (between the left pane and the Bible one) full left.
Now stop clicking (with your mouse) you will have a strange behaviour.
Indeed you have a strange mouse...
(The problem does not happen if you move the separator full right)
Same problem with the horizontal separator between bible and preview.

2) If I want to hide the dictionary (not using the menu bar) but with the mouse and the horizontal separator (in the right pane), it works perfect !
But If I restart Xiphos, I have the top of the dictionary displayed, in the status bar !

3) It is impossible to hide the right pane, which contains commentaries/books and dictionaries, only with moving the vertical separator.

Is that clear ? Can you "reproduce" it ?

I don't know, this is easy to solve or not, but I reported it because I think these are strange behaviours.

Sory for my very bad English
And thanks for this software


  • some of your problems are specific to using a gtkhtml3 build. i do not understand why ubuntu ever provided that kind of build.

    if you wish to get rid of the sidebar, we suggest you do it from the menus. the misbehavior is a gtkhtml3 artifact. our about-to-be-released 3.1.5 does not use gtkhtml3. we have replaced that display engine with webkit.

    without using the menus to stop display of both dictionary and commentary/book pane, the entirety of the right side of the program cannot be hidden. sorry, but again, that's what the menus are for.

    very soon, 3.1.5 will come out. you should upgrade to it and re-submit a bug report if necessary.