#190 Module Manager crashes on FC6


I installed GnomeSword - today and when I ran it for the first time, it told me that I needed to run Module Manager to download and install Bibles, etc. I selected Yes and Module Manager loaded after I choose to connect to crosswire and I proceded to check off all of the "books" that I wanted to install. When I clicked OK to install them, the Bug reporting tool came up and GnomeSword closed. I have attached the Bug report file.


  • Bug Report for GnomeSword

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    dup of [ 1681135 ] Module manager crashes Gnomesword on startup.

    2.2.3 will be released in a couple of hours, and the folks who take responsibility for pushing new releases to e.g. fc extras should have it in place there within a day or two.

    in the meantime, if you wish to get past this immediately, use Sword's installmgr command line tool:

    installmgr -init # to set up a basic download configuration
    installmgr -s # to verify configuration, showing "Crosswire"
    installmgr -r Crosswire # to refresh the set of known, available modules
    installmgr -ri ESV Crosswire # to pick up a module
    note that capitalization matters in source and module names.

    once you have at least 1 bible is installed, will be fine. and the bug is fixed for 2.2.3, of course.