#168 osis-based commentary's xrefs don't work

Terry Biggs
GUI (232)
Karl Kleinpaste

pierre dumuid observed in sword-devel on 02 Feb that in his new osis-based commentary, using xrefs thus...

<reference osisRef="Ephesians.1.1">Ephesians 1:1</reference>

...the links do not work. they display correctly as underlined/colored links, but clicking them does not in fact send the verse to the verse list or put the verse into the previewer.

i for one do not know enough about osis yet to know whether he has actually constructed correct references for GS to interpret; however he claims that WinSword and BibleTime react properly to it.

a copy of the module in question is in hand, but it is not (yet?) considered generally redistributable, so i'm not uploading it with this bug report.


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    terry has discovered that this problem was in a sword lib routine, for which he has now submitted a fix. if you build out of sword SVN, the xref links in crossrefs should be fine after "svn up" to -r2028 and a rebuild/reinstall.