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Scripters Needed

We need people to help with Scripts.

We use C and LUA, it is pretty easy to learn and we can help you out some.

Posted by Mikey Lubker 2004-04-29


The Earthling Mechanic Contest is still ongoing, with two entries so far.

2 New Contests:
We need a name for the Gowerk Republic Leader, preferably a natural or plant-ish sounding name, or something starting with G.

We need a motto/slogan for Gnomegnation.

Posted by Mikey Lubker 2004-04-29

CVS is now up

We now have a CVS repository up and working... we are using Battle of Survival (another Stratagus dataset) as a template but we have already modified a few things and the game is going to be available pretty soon (we hope ;) )

Posted by Mikey Lubker 2004-04-15

Contest to name a Character in Gnomegnation

We need a good name for the Female Mechanic from Earth in Gnomegnation. This contest is open to all, not just project members.

Posted by Mikey Lubker 2004-03-17


I've created an ezboard Online Community. It's called SUGarMine Stratagus Developers Magazine.

This will be a message board and e-magazine for Stratagus Developers and Users, which applies to this project.


Posted by Mikey Lubker 2004-02-10

Gnomegnation Art Contest

We are having a contest to find artists for Gnomegnation.
More info at:

Posted by Mikey Lubker 2004-02-09

Stratagus Engine working :)

I have gotten the Stratagus Engine working on my Mac.
This means that I should be able to get a basic release of Gnomegnation out by the end of February.

Posted by Mikey Lubker 2004-02-09

Developers forum activity

I've posted some important questions for our developers in the Developers forum here... please check it out!


Posted by Mikey Lubker 2004-01-26

Email is working :)

Email is working and has been since January 10th, just in case anyone wondered.

I can also be contacted by AIM, ICQ, YahooIM and MSN Messenger; email me for more information; you can also find me Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at #gnomegnation


Posted by Mikey Lubker 2004-01-26

Email down :(

My (ratchet's) email account was down January 9th, so anyone responding to recruitments should please resend mail (using Sourceforge's mail system)


Posted by Mikey Lubker 2004-01-10