IRC 3/14/2004

  • Mikey Lubker
    Mikey Lubker

    <zratchet>    hello blitzoid, Jarod, anything new?
        <Jarod>    no
        <zratchet>    ok
            <zratchet>    hello hornbaek
        <hornbaek>    hey zratchet
        <zratchet>    hi
            <Jarod>    work instead of looking to discuss :)
        <zratchet>    ok
        <zratchet>    ;)
        <zratchet>    Jarod: we do need more LUA people for Gnomegnation, could you help?
        <Jarod>    a little...
        <zratchet>    ok
            <hornbaek>    zratchet, how is the generel development of the game going?
        <zratchet>    fine
        <zratchet>    hoping to get a Concept Release done by end of April
                <zratchet>    Jarod: ok... I'll add you to the Gnomegnation project then (all right?)
            <Jarod>    You could always do a tasklist, and if I have time, I could send patch.
        <zratchet>    ok
        <zratchet>    for that reason, I need your name on the project list, so I can assign it to you and it will email you...
        <Jarod>    I understand why you have 13 developpers :)
            <zratchet>    mainly just tasklist management... yes
            <zratchet>    shall I email you the relevant tasklist?
            <Jarod>    Add me.
        <zratchet>    ok
        <zratchet>    you're added...
        <Jarod>    I have just received  the email.
        <zratchet>    ok
            <DrummerMan>    zratchet, greetings
        <DrummerMan>    done the 2 updates you mentioned on msn
        <DrummerMan>    decent looking font...never seen it before
        <zratchet>    ok
        <zratchet>    will look
        <DrummerMan>    figured out why I can't get Gallery to work on sf servers....php being used is too old...looking into other gallery type scripts..
        <zratchet>    ok
        <zratchet>    hm
        <zratchet>    Algerian doesn't appear to be supported on Mac :/
        <zratchet>    will have to get it off my other computer
        <DrummerMan>    found one on SF, that is running on SF so it should work..
        <DrummerMan>    what would you like to use as secondary, tertiary fonts for those that don't have algerian?
        <DrummerMan>    think right now it goes algerian, Lucida Console, sans-serif
        <zratchet>    how about Brush Script MT, Apple Chancery, and Comic Sans
        <zratchet>    as alternates
        <DrummerMan>    ok
        <DrummerMan>    done
        <zratchet>    hornbaek: Dimora is coming, hope you're still here
        <zratchet>    DrummerMan: put Apple Chancery before Brush Script MT...
            <the_lady_dimora>    Hello?
            <DrummerMan>    Hello\     <zratchet>    hi the_lady_dimora
        <the_lady_dimora>    Hi everyone
        <zratchet>    the_lady_dimora: hornbaek wanted to talk to you about voice scripts... he's another voice person
        <the_lady_dimora>    coolness...I still need to bone up on the storyline thus far a bit more....what did you want to discus?
        <zratchet>    ok...
        <the_lady_dimora>    by the way zratchet my  brother would love to help out with some voice acting.
        <zratchet>    ok
        <zratchet>    guess you have only one computer though... :/
        <zratchet>    well
        <the_lady_dimora>    yeah
        <zratchet>    ok
        <zratchet>    we don't really need much on the storyline yet (for this Concept Release 1), mainly need something of a tutorial, and unit voices
        <zratchet>    so, look at the Tech Tree in the concepts page
        <zratchet>    the_lady_dimora ^
        <DrummerMan>    zratchet, anything on the audio stream yet?
        <zratchet>    hm... not yet
        <zratchet>    will probably get it done Tuesday
        <zratchet>    the_lady_dimora, get last few messages?
        <the_lady_dimora>    yup, attempting to load the page right nwo
        <zratchet>    ok
        <DrummerMan>    zratchet, anything else for me tonite?
        <zratchet>    DrummerMan: don't think so...
        <zratchet>    did you get the tasklist?
        <zratchet>    DrummerMan ^
        <DrummerMan>    ummm..maybe...e-mail?
        <the_lady_dimora>    What kind of things do you want units to say, how many words/phrases/grunts for each of them?
        <zratchet>    yes
        <DrummerMan>    let me check
        <DrummerMan>    yes did..let me have a look at it..
        <zratchet>    the_lady_dimora: need an acknowledgement when clicked, when commanded to do something, when bothered by something
        <zratchet>    have some fun, make a few of each ;)
        <the_lady_dimora>    lol alright
        <zratchet>    I'll do a few computer-voice things for "Building Complete" type stuff...
        <zratchet>    (using voice-synth)
        <zratchet>    ;)
        <DrummerMan>    zratchet, what all needs to be done with this task? sorry not sure I completely understand...
        <zratchet>    DrummerMan: one sec
        <DrummerMan>    k
        <zratchet>    DrummerMan: task 94599 Website and Gameservers, right?
        <DrummerMan>    yep
        <DrummerMan>    " We need to get the website completely ready for a release and possibly have a few servers listed" what else do you needed added to the site pre-release?
        <zratchet>    well, mainly, just graphical fixes (the borders between sky and dirt that Stephen Turner will do), and getting music, and graphical buttons
        <zratchet>    servers listed would be people who can host Stratagus games IP addresses
            <zratchet>    well, we'll have to get the dataset done, but could you host games some?
        <zratchet>    You
        <zratchet>    will need stratagus binary
        <DrummerMan>    on what OS?
        <DrummerMan>    might be able too...
        <zratchet>    Windows or Linux
        <DrummerMan>    depends on how much port forwarding I would need to do from router...getting really low  on spots lol
        <zratchet>    hm
        <zratchet>    don't know, ask in #stratagus
        <zratchet>    (here on freenode)
        <DrummerMan>    yah probably can...will find out more later
        <zratchet>    ok
        <DrummerMan>    if I can would perfer to do it on the linux box...but we'll see
        <zratchet>    well, other than the graphics by Steve Turner, and the background and streaming music, that's all on the site
        <the_lady_dimora>    how much  music do you want for the tutorial?
        <zratchet>    that and the server listing...
        <zratchet>    hm...
        <zratchet>    music for tutorial: one main piece (use Holst/MidEastern style mix) + victory and defeat musics...
        <zratchet>    also need a good main Gnomegnation theme (for startup, possibly something starwars-ish ;) )
        <the_lady_dimora>    how long do you want each of them?
        <zratchet>    base it on my musics...
        <zratchet>    hm
        <zratchet>    the main piece for the tutorial and the Gnomegnation theme should probably be each 2 or 3 minutes long, and loopable
        <zratchet>    make loopable and non-loopable versions
        <the_lady_dimora>    ok so a main theme peice, battle music, victory and defeat musics
        <zratchet>    of the long pieces
        <zratchet>    victory and defeat should be at least a minute long for those who like statistics ;)
        <the_lady_dimora>    lol
        <the_lady_dimora>    any deadline?
        <zratchet>    hm
        <zratchet>    on the tasklist ;)
        <zratchet>    April 1st for the Tutorial music, April 20th for the rest... (and the voices)
        <zratchet>    ok?
        <the_lady_dimora>    hmmm
        <the_lady_dimora>    oh there are the dates...(never noticed that)
        <zratchet>    April 20th is really soft deadline, if you can't get them done by then then by the 30th
        <the_lady_dimora>    voices aren't the ones that will be problematic...the music takes longer
        <zratchet>    want CR1 done by April 30th... just giving a 10-day bugfix time ;)
        <zratchet>    CR1 = Concept Release 1
            <the_lady_dimora>    let me run down the list....
        <zratchet>    ok
        <the_lady_dimora>    voices for units, netters, runners, jesters by april 20th
        <zratchet>    yep
        <the_lady_dimora>    main theme approx 3 mins by april 1st (that's gonna be really tight btw)
        <zratchet>    units: walkers too...
        <zratchet>    er, that is workers
        <zratchet>    walkers is a class, doesn't matter yet...
        <the_lady_dimora>    for the main peice of oyu want walking around kind of music or fight music?
        <zratchet>    main piece in tutorial or theme?
        <the_lady_dimora>    oh it's juwst one?  I thougrht you wanted the main title music and then another piece for the tutorial
        <zratchet>    yes, I do want both...
        <zratchet>    sorry
        <zratchet>    I just mean...
        <zratchet>    for the tutorial, it can be more laid back type of music
        <the_lady_dimora>    alright
        <zratchet>    but the theme should be exciting, like star wars ;)
        <the_lady_dimora>    ok so a  main theme, tutorial (menu-ish) music
        <the_lady_dimora>    and victory and defeat musics
        <zratchet>    yep
        <zratchet>    if needed, we can use one of my musics...
        <the_lady_dimora>    phew
        <zratchet>    brb
        <the_lady_dimora>    k
        <zratchet>    anything else?
        <the_lady_dimora>    you want the main theme by april 1st
        <the_lady_dimora>    what about the tutorial and victory musics?
        <the_lady_dimora>    I dont understand why you would want both a loopable and unloopable version of the tutorial music
        <zratchet>    ok...
        <zratchet>    so that it can be looped a few times, then end, the theme a few times, then it end, back and forth... so music isn't too repetitive
        <the_lady_dimora>    oh ok that's simple then
        <zratchet>    but need both versions, so we can control it and crossfade it in the engine
        <the_lady_dimora>    when do you want the tutorial and victory.defeat musics?
        <zratchet>    tutorial music by April 1st... all other music and voices by 20th (or 30th if you need extra time)
        <the_lady_dimora>    ok
        <zratchet>    anything else?
        <the_lady_dimora>    ok I think I got everything
        <zratchet>    ok
        <zratchet>    ;)
        <the_lady_dimora>    ogg right?
        <zratchet>    yup
        <the_lady_dimora>    k
        <zratchet>    I can convert if needed... ;)
        <the_lady_dimora>    nah I can do it
        <zratchet>    ok
        <the_lady_dimora>    any specific bit rate?
        <zratchet>    at least 64k
        <the_lady_dimora>    (sorry all these questions popping up last minute)
        <zratchet>    fine...
        <the_lady_dimora>    *blinks* uhhm
        <zratchet>    ?
        <the_lady_dimora>    bit rates are either 16, 24, or 44
        <zratchet>    oh
        <zratchet>    different than mp3
        <zratchet>    well...
        <the_lady_dimora>    anything higher than 44 is uber professional rate with equipment I cant afford :P lol
        <zratchet>    24 for now...
        <the_lady_dimora>    k
        <the_lady_dimora>    can do
        <the_lady_dimora>    think that's it :P
        <zratchet>    pl
        <zratchet>    erk
        <zratchet>    ok
        <the_lady_dimora>    hehe
        *    zratchet hopes hornbaek saw all this
        <zratchet>    btw, hornbaek wanted to talk with you on voice scripts
        <the_lady_dimora>    I'll stick around in case he comes back
        <zratchet>    ok
        <the_lady_dimora>    does he have Yahoo orAIM?
        <zratchet>    ICQ...
        <zratchet>    but it should work with AIM
        <the_lady_dimora>    AXK
        <zratchet>    ?
        <the_lady_dimora>    ack :P
        <zratchet>    ;)
        <zratchet>    I found something neat today
        <the_lady_dimora>    wassat?
        <zratchet>    ReactOS -, #reactos here on freenode
        <zratchet>    a free windows-compatible OS, and it may include PowerPC (Mac) support at some point
        <the_lady_dimora>    ooooooo
        <zratchet>    brb
        <the_lady_dimora>    that is very cool
        <the_lady_dimora>    k
        <zratchet>    re
        <zratchet>    yup
        <zratchet>    they say they'll even support directx
        <the_lady_dimora>    awesome
        *    zratchet has been trying to get it to run in Virtual PC
        <zratchet>    doesn't run native on PowerPC yet
        <the_lady_dimora>    directx is a pain in the behind
        <zratchet>    for non Windows or WineX users, yes :/
        <zratchet>    and hopefully not for ReactOS users ;)
        <the_lady_dimora>    I thougrht I saw some stuff on SF for quicktime directx plugins
        <zratchet>    hm
        <zratchet>    sure you're not confusing it with divx?
        <the_lady_dimora>    probably :P
        <the_lady_dimora>    just something I saw in passing
        <zratchet>    divx = video playback system, directx = game/multimedia app support
        <the_lady_dimora>    *nod*
        <the_lady_dimora>    just got em switched
        <the_lady_dimora>    k, I'm gonna do some recording and burning
        <the_lady_dimora>    I will stay up if Hornbaek comes can give him my AIM info so we can talk
        <zratchet>    ok
        <zratchet>    hornbaek is in Denmark ;)
        <zratchet>    well, anything else?
        <the_lady_dimora>    cool, so is this other guy I am working with
        <the_lady_dimora>    not that I can think of
        <zratchet>    he, phil mcintyre, and tracey gamley
        <zratchet>    hornbaek = male voice
        <zratchet>    phil mcintyre = composer
        <zratchet>    tracey gamley = another female voice
        <zratchet>    and me = composer, computer voice
        <the_lady_dimora>    what's phils screen name?
        <zratchet>    hm
            <the_lady_dimora>    k
        <zratchet>    anything else?
        <the_lady_dimora>    nope
        <zratchet>    ok
        <zratchet>    need to go...
        <the_lady_dimora>    k, laters
        <zratchet>    you'll stay right?
        <zratchet>    for hornbaek...
        <the_lady_dimora>    yup
        <zratchet>    if he and you talk, copy it for a transcript and email it to me...