Looks that wodim doesn't work with dev=b,t,l syntax which is enough to
make GnomeBaker unusable with it.  At least in Fedora.

May be.

> 2) Cdrkit is not maintained

Don't know anything about this, but looking at their mailing list and
SVN source I really wouldn't say so.  Where does this information come

The only person  speaking there and helping others is Thomas, and he
is not a cdrkit developer. Others just report bugs.

Last release was when? Look at svn log, please. It hides secrets :)

> 3) Cdrkit has serious problems with bugs

Hmm.  I don't know your definition of "serious problems".  Cdrkit works
well for majority of users, including myself.

I tend to disagree, but that is a topic for a much longer discussion.

> Enough for now :)
> Please correct me if I'm wrong :)

You seem to completely miss the point: cdrtools were dropped in Fedora,
Debian, OpenSUSE and maybe others. 

Indeed, it has been dropped, but I don't see what point am I missing.

 I have sent you two patches that
are required in Fedora 7 for GnomeBaker to work and I may send you any
others I may potentially include in Fedora if you wish to.

The Glade patch is in svn for some time now. For cdrkit, if there will be support
for it I believe it should be done in a nicer way, perhaps be able to detect
which one is present.


Kind regards,

Tomas Smetana