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#86 Usability Improvements


There are few problems in the GnomeBaker's GUI.
It will be useful if we can change the position of a file in the CD file hierarchy. I mean, I add files in the root directory of my CD. I create a directory. I can't move the added files in this new directory. I must delete added files and re-add them in the good directory. It's a waste of time. Give us the right to make mistakes in our own hierarchy.
The second point is about the delete key. When I rename a file, the delete key removes the selected file; not the next character.
the F2 key should allow us to rename selected file.(It is boring to right-click and select "rename file").


  • Miran B
    Miran B

    I second this. I have been using gnomebaker in 2006-8 and switched to k3b primarily because of these usability issues & the verify option. Then after a recent system install k3b unexplainably started to destroy DVDs, and while I'm happy to say gnomebaker works, it's too bad to see that bits of the interface, some of them really simple (e.g. F2=Rename) are still missing. I know it's difficult to keep to any kind of a release schedule with largely volunteer labor, and with gnome switching to brasero (which I can't stand) this became a niche effort. So thumbs up for a gtk burning app that actually works, and I hope you folks iron out these details sooner rather than later!