Subtitle files extensions

  • Hey! I just wanted to suggest something. I am a professional translator and subtitler. I use SPOT software, paid proprietary software, because I need to save subtitle files as *.PAC. I think this is standard in Europe, I'm not sure.
    Anyway, if you could include this extension or make it somehow compatible with that extension, most of the professional translators and subtitlers would migrate to linux, since Spot costs  €1,790.00.

    Thanks a lot

    • Pedro Castro
      Pedro Castro


      Your suggestion seems valid. Nonetheless, I would recommend that you submit a bug in the Gnome Subtitles bugzilla (, product "gnome-subtitles") so both we and you can exchange some ideas about this. If you prefer, email me directly instead.

      To start with, I need to have information on that PAC subtitle format, like its specification or samples.


    • OK, I sent you an email with a PAC file attached. The file is text only, it has no time codes.
      Nevertheless, check your email.

      Best regards,