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There is no scrollbars on the html widget

  • Zoltan Filyo
    Zoltan Filyo


    I am using SuSE 10.0. I compiled gnochm, pychm, chmlib from source because the SuSE distro does not contain it. It operates well, but there is no scrollbars on the html text page. The page does not handles the mouse wheel events. Sorry I do not know  python nor the gtkhtml widget. If you have a tip I will try it on. I think it is a simple configuration  difference between RedHat and SuSE. Please help me to find it.

    Thank you,

    Filyó Zoltán

    • Rubens Ramos
      Rubens Ramos


      Apologies for not replying earlier - I tend to check these pages quite unregularly...

      So there are no scrollbars on the right-hand side of the program window is that correct (and not the html _source_ window)? Does that happen with any chm file you open?
      If that's happening with a particular file, is it possible for you to send me a link to where I can download it?