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Most functions working

Yes things are moving quite fast here, most of the main functions kinda work, so this code is _essentially_ functional. I don't quite think we are really going to see many more code releases soon, the next thing will probably be polished better.

One of the last things to do is to make it user (actually i mean server admin) friendly to install and manage. We won't quite get on to this for a while, however.... read more

Posted by Rob Scott 2001-04-15

Release 0.1.1

I've released all of the source code for GNE 0.1.1. This is available for download from the Summary page of GNE. It contains the html files for half the pages, a fully functional join cgi script and half functional other scripts. See the release notes for more information.

Posted by Tom Chance 2001-04-04


We're still working towards having the first working versions going sometime soon. Then we'll be able to release some. Tom's perl hacking and I'm playing around with Apache and MySQL. Lots of fun.

Posted by Rob Scott 2001-04-01


Please don't expect any source code releases quite yet, we really want to get things happening first.

Posted by Rob Scott 2001-03-17