#3 GWindows needs a better Calendar package

Would Be Nice
David Botton
David Gressett

GWindows needs a more Windows-oriented calendar package
that implements replacement for Ada.Calendar (We could
call it GWindows.GCalendar). The Time type is too
restrictive in the range of values that it can handle -
dates before Jan 1, 1901 are not usable. Where I work,
I have Windows 2000 workstations which access a SQL
Server 7 database. We are in the health-care business,
and we have a data base of patient information which
has been transferred from older systems. The oldest
entries are almost 20 years old, and contain, among
other things, patient birth dates. There are many which
fall before Jan 1, 1901. With GWindows.Databases, I can
extract a date into a variable of a VARIANT type
defined in GNATCOM, but the To_Ada function that turns
it into a Time value throws an exception somewhere
inside GNATCOM if the date is before Jan 1, 1901.

A GWindows.GCalendar that resembles Ada.Calendar and
which implements a GTime type that can handle any date
provided by any Microsoft database would be quite
useful. It would be even better if it also had the
capabilities of GNAT.Calendar.