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July 2009: Gnaural featured in Linux Journal!

Gnaural is featured in a New Projects article by John Knight in July 2009's Linux Journal, in the newstands now! See "Fresh from the Labs: Gnaural -- Binaural Brain Wave Entrainment" online here:

Posted by gnaural 2009-06-23

Jan. 2009: Gnaural released for MacOS X

Thanks to Imendio's beta port of the GTK+2 libs to MacOS (, Gnaural is now available as a native MacOS X bundle for both Tiger and Leopard (Intel hardware only for now).

Download from here:

Posted by gnaural 2009-01-05

Jan. 2009: Gnaural in Fedora

Gnaural has been accepted in to Fedora. See here for more details:

Posted by gnaural 2009-01-05

Aug. 2008: Gnaural 1.0 Released!

Version 1.0 of Gnaural has been released! It represents a stable
snapshot of the beta Gnaural2 that has been debugged for over a

Binary installers are available for Windows (.exe), Debian/Ubuntu (.deb), and MacOS X (.dmg)
And the source code is available for compilation on other POSIX platforms in a tar.gz archive. All these can be downloaded here: read more

Posted by gnaural 2008-08-22

March 2008: Gnaural2 (beta 9) Released!

A stable beta version of Gnaural2 (currently beta8, Feb 2008) is available in the File section, with packaged binaries for Windows (.exe) and Debian (.deb), and POSIX source code for everybody else. It was an entire rewrite of the code. Some of the new features include:

- Ability to synchronize sessions with other Gnaural2 users across the internet
- Unlimited voices (which can now also be Audio Files, like WAV, FLAC, AU, AIFF)
- Ability to export sound to over a dozen audio file formats
- Multiple graph views to control volume, stereo-spread, beat, and base frequency
- Drag 'n' Drop functionality
- Use of LibGlade (so user can customize the GUI with a text editor)
- Ability to communicate with other applications (so Gnaural2 can control auxiliary devices; for example, a photoic flasher)... read more

Posted by gnaural 2007-07-07

Feb. 2007: Gnaural accepted in to Ubuntu

Feb. 2007: Gnaural accepted in to Ubuntu!
Release: Feisty
Component: Universe
Section: Sound
Package: gnaural (0.3.20060421-0ubuntu1)

Posted by gnaural 2007-02-02