Mental typlogy?

  • John Knight
    John Knight

    G'day all,

    You may have read my other thread on cognitive synaesthesia; I'm trying to find some common factors in people who react to binaural brainwave entrainment and compare it against those who don't.

    Firstly, do you react to binaural frequencies, and if so, how?

    Second, what is your mental typology? Bear in mind that you shouldn't put too much stock in these tests, but they do give researches some starting ground to work from. An online test is available at:

    Take the pink test on the left, and keep a count of your type and each function's  values at the end (check out some of the links too, there's some cool stuff there).

    Personally, I'm an INTJ (Introvert, Intuition, Thinking, Judging) with the following values:

    Introversion: 11
    Intuition: 88
    Thinking: 1
    Judging: 22

    In terms of reactions to binaural frequencies, I get sleepy at lower frequencies, and wake up with higher frequencies. At a beat frequency of 8hz, I have rapid blinking, and at 4hz, I have really strong REM, and 4.3 locks my eyes in the top of my head!

    If anyone can post their typology values and reactions, that'd be great. Hopefully I can find a common link somewhere in people's reaction to binaural frequencies.


  • LordMax

    I react to binaural frequency just with a little lag time.

    Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving
    1 50 12 22

  • John Knight
    John Knight

    Interesting, thanks. :)

  • CS dude
    CS dude

    Yo John-

    I'm impressed with the way you reported specific effects at specific frequencies, particularly down to the 1/10th of a Hz.  In the past when I've created FFR tracks, I used analog equipment with about a 1 - 2 Hz resolution, so the idea of software control to fractional Hz is a whole new world in terms of repeatability of results and so on. 

    You said that 4 Hz produces REM: by this do you mean the physical eye movements, or the dream state? 

    And at 4.3 Hz, "locks your eyes to the top of your head," do you mean, your eyes roll upward behind your eyelids, or something else?  

  • John Knight
    John Knight

    Hey man, sorry for the delay, been busy with this month's LJ column (still got 500 words left, gotta be a good one though, it's for the 200th issue).

    Between 7-8 hz and 4-4.5 hz (with other random frequencies, but these ranges most of all), I mean the actual eye movement. They rapidly tear around in a way that's… pretty rocking actually!