Brown noise


  • Anonymous

    First , thanks for you software, it's great for relaxing.

    I was wondering, if it is not too much work, if it is possible to add  a brown noise voice type to gnaural ? I find it much more pleasant than pink noise. You can have some info on it here : and hear what it sounds like here

    Thanks again.

    btw i love their oscillating effect also, it could be good to have a tool for helping to make sinusoidal shape)

    Btw thanks for your software.

  • gnaural

    These are good suggestions, and thanks for that interesting noise player link. I obviously can't modify the current Pink Noise voice since old presets will always depend on it's stability. But i have thought for some time about creating a new voice, perhaps just called "Noise", with it's spectrum/tone alterable by adjusting either/and the Beat and Base parameters, much as Rain and Water can be modulated. Then people could vary tonality from brown to white and anywhere in between with full control.