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gmorgan / News: Recent posts


This version only runs on GNU/Linux. See the youtube videos for demonstration.

Posted by Robert Vogel 2013-04-14

gmorgan-0.25 Release

Debian package, new patterns and big library of style variations for create new patterns has been added.
Minor bugfixes.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2005-11-08

gmorgan-0.24 Released

Code has been ported from linux to win32.
Sources and Binaries for win32 availables.
Fixed bug in Library Style filename.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2004-07-08

gmorgan 0.23 Released

This release fix compilation problems due locale.h changes in some distributions.
Man other bugs fixed and small improvements added.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2004-06-22

gmorgan 0.22 Released

New features including Master Tempo Track, Skin functions, and 3 skins has been added.
Edit windows, harmonize engine, pattern change and Banks usage has been improved.
8 Mb less of memory usage.
Minor bugs fixed.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2004-01-27

gmorgan 0.21 released

New features including Pattern Library BD Generator , Automatic pattern change and German .po file has been added. This version is compatible with all the soundfont soft synthesizers including FluidSynth.
Reduces the amount of memory usabe in 50% and fix major and minor bugs.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2004-01-06

gmorgan 0.20 released.

New features including, patterns, styles, convert Midi files to gmorgan patterns, reduced in 67% the amount of memory usage and changed to AutoTools-1.6 has been added.
Major and minor bugs fixes.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2003-12-27

gmorgan 0.19 released

Internationalized with gettext, French and Spanish languages and extensive documentation has been added.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2003-12-21

gmorgan-docs released

Spanish and English documentation in Open Office .sxw and .pdf format of gmorgan. Including images and technical issues.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2003-12-15

gmorgan 0.18 released

gmorgan is a rhythm station, a modern organ with full editable accompaniment. This release include extensive documentation, improves the speed, adds edit functions and solve some bugs.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2003-12-10

gmorgan v0.17 released

gmorgan is a rhythm station for play in real time, and also a pattern based sequencer.
Go to for more details.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2003-12-06