#20 Gbrowser is clearing/not remembering selections

Scott Cain
Gbrowse (14)


I've been trying to find any site/forum to discuss this but to no avail, and hope that this would be an appropriate place to check with this issue I am having.

I've installed Gbrowser on a new server, running on Apache 2.2.9 and PHP 5.2.5. All required modules have also been installed and Gbrowser seems to work with displaying data but for the following scenarios:-

1. I have included several "Examples" denoting chromosome locations as follow:-
# examples to show in the introduction
examples = chr21:42657586..42677585 chr11:32187789..32187834 chr10:63581669..63581768 chr6:83278350..83278549

Everytime I click on one of the examples link, all my previous track selection gets cleared out (only default track retains).

2. After selecting tracks and getting the display, I click on "Configure tracks..." to change the selected tracks Format from "Auto" to "Expand". After clicking "Accept Changes and Return...", the view resets back to default, even with the "Landmark or Region" text box cleared out. When I click on "Configure tracks..." again, all the format setting is back to "Auto".

Even if after getting a track(s) displayed, as long as I enter the settings page via "Configure tracks.." and does not change anything and click "Cancel Changes and Return..", same thing happen.

I believe its a cookie issue but I have previously installed Gbrowser on another server and everything worked well. The previous server was using Apache 2.2.8 and PHP 5.2.5. No intervention on my end was required and after installation, everything worked fine.

Another possibility is the presence of SELinux. However, I have followed through the instructions in README.fedora.

Please advice.