Version 1.66 of GBrowse now available

From an email sent by Scott Cain to the GMOD Announce mailing list:


I am pleased to announce that version 1.66 of GBrowse is now available.
Considerable thanks are due to Lincoln and other GBrowse developers and
as well to the many developers working on BioPerl, but most especially
to Sendu Bala for shepherding the release of BioPerl 1.5.2 (released
yesterday), which is required for GBrowse 1.66.

This release marks the first time an installer script for Windows is
included; to get the install script, go to:

and follow the directions.

GBrowse can be downloaded from SourceForge at:

Here is a change log for this release:

1.66 * Added files from SynView to the contrib directory; these files
include a GUSdb adaptor and configuration files and sample
data for a 'in-gbrowse' synteny viewer.
* Added support to Chado adaptor to respect the reference class
in the conf file (previously, the adaptor would infer the
reference class from the database structure). If the
reference class is not provided in the database, the old
behavior still works. Thanks to Emmanuel Quevillon for
the patch that implements this change.
* Improved support in Chado adaptor for inferring CDS and UTR
features from exons and polypeptides (at the expense of speed).
* Added support to the Chado adaptor for showing alignments with
sequence residues in the display panel as well as gbrowse_details.
* Added a visual test for verifying that images produced by GBrowse
agree with what is in the tutorial.
* Fixed a bug in the CAlign module for doing alignments.
* Fixed several minor bugs that were inadvertanly included in the
1.65 release.
* CGI now produces valid XHTML 1.0.
* Added the ability to use a callback as a citation.

Happy Browsing!

Posted by Scott Cain 2006-12-07