2nd Announcement: GMOD meeting, June 29-30 and hotel deadl

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Since SourceForge and my ISP were having difficulties at the time I
initially posted this announcement, I wanted to post it again in case it
was missed by anybody. Also, I have a few items to add:

- The deadline to be sure to get the GMOD meeting rate at the hotel is
May 29. It may be possible to get the meeting rate after then, but
there are no guarantees.

- There may be funds available to help defray the travel costs for
some attendees; since there is no registration fee for this meeting
though, these funds are limited. Please contact me for more details.

And now, the original announcement:

I am pleased to announce that the semi-annual GMOD meeting will be held=20
a the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center <http://www.nescent.org/>=20
in Durham, NC on June 29 and 30. In addition to 'typical' topics for=20
discussion (new applications, progress on making applications=20
interoperate), we will discuss how existing applications can be used or=20
modified for evolutionary biologists and what applications could be=20
developed in conjunction with GMOD to facilitate evolutionary model=20
organism databases. I am also accepting suggestions for topics or=20
We've received a discount on hotel rooms at the nearby Millennium Hotel=20
Durham for $79/night. The '6136' group code is used for this discount:=20
Note that there is no registration fee for the meeting itself but there=20
is a deadline: you must register by June 20 and there is a limit of 50=20
The registration page is at http://www.gmod.org/register.html=20
Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in Durham!=20
Scott Cain, Ph. D. cain@cshl.edu
GMOD Coordinator (http://www.gmod.org/) 216-392-3087
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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