modENCODE plus Twelve Drosophila Genomes via GMOD tools

Dear colleagues,

The new modENCODE project (
will be a boon to model organism functional genome data, and I'd like
to join with others in collaborating or consulting on the data
coordination center planned for this research network.

This would be in my view an excellent way to prove and improve the
computational tools of GMOD's Generic Model Organism Database
framework, as well as build a fully operational data center for large
scale functional elements in C. elegans and/or D. melanogaster.

Here is an update also on my recent contributions to MOD and GMOD
usage. Twelve genomes of Drosophila species, from D.ananassae to D.
willistoni and D. yakuba, containing over 2 Billion nucleotides, are
now available to genome browsers, grazers and gulpers at

GMOD's GBrowse Genome maps include D. melanogaster genome DNA
homology, homologies to nine eukaryote proteomes, gene predictions,
marker genes and Drosophila microsatellites. Genome assemblies can be
with NCBI BLAST, with links to genome maps. GMOD/EnsEMBL BioMart
provides data mining access for all these annotations. Annotation data
are available in Gene Finding Format (GFF) and FastA sequence for

If interested, please contact me at

-- Don Gilbert
-- d.gilbert--bioinformatics--indiana-u--bloomington-in-47405

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Posted by Scott Cain 2006-03-21