#39 User interface improvements

Lincoln Stein
Gbrowse (28)
Lincoln Stein

These are suggested by Gos Micklem:

When changing zoom/ scroll it is difficult to move 'back': it would be
very helpful to have on the 'overview' and 'region' scales a bar
representing the last (or last few) locations. This would
help with orientation but perhaps it would be possible for these to be
clickable so that one can move quickly between different views.
Perhaps the bars that are added could age so that the most recent
would be e.g. black and the oldest grey. This would provide graphical
feedback on browsing history and greatly help with orientation.

Scale bars for tracks: would be neat if these linked directly to
information on what they mean.

The yellow > and >> arrows vs the grey ones in 'details' section: they
seem to do the same thing - maybe better to have just one or the
other. In addition, for the grey ones, there is no mouse information
provided. For the yellow ones, would be good if mouse over said "move
right half a window width: 14.5kb" i.e. not just the number.

Under the "select tracks" tab: 'back to browser' is the correct thing
to click but unfortunately it has a "back" as in "go back to the state
I was in" connotation. Maybe it could be "apply track changes" or
"update browser" or similar?

"Select tracks" tab: filling in e.g. 4-8 give the right track
subselection after a short delay. However the delay is long enough to
be confusing - it might be nice if the colour of the search box
changed, or there was some other visual indication that a search is in

"Click to modify subtrack selections" mouse-over should perhaps be
"Click to modify subtrack selections or track order". It would be
nice if the default sort order for track is the same for different
classes of data e.g. for ChIP-seq vs ChIP-chip histone modifications
we found the default order differs which make comparision harder. On
firefox 3.6.6 on Mac OS X 10.6.4 the track order in the selection
pop-up is different from the order of rendering, which is a bit
confusing. Also, dragging to re-order tracks worked in the selection
pop-up window but the changes were not in fact applied when click