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cleaning up repo

The Messenger The Messenger 2010-07-20

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added .gitignore
removed GM Tools/bin
removed GM Tools/bin/com
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/gmtools
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/gmtools/Data.class
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/gmtools/PlotObject.class
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/gmtools/ui
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/gmtools/ui/MainUI$1.class
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/gmtools/ui/MainUI$2.class
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/gmtools/ui/MainUI.class
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/gmtools/ui/addPlotDialog$1.class
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/gmtools/ui/addPlotDialog.class
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/sqlite
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/sqlite/ResultArrayStruct.class
removed GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone/sqlite/SQLiteHander.class
removed GM Tools/bin/sqlitejdbc-v056.jar
changed GM Tools
changed GM Tools/GMTools.rsd
changed GM Tools/src
changed GM Tools/src/com
changed GM Tools/src/com/scarrone
changed GM Tools/src/com/scarrone/gmtools
changed GM Tools/src/com/scarrone/gmtools/
changed GM Tools/src/com/scarrone/gmtools/ui
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GM Tools/bin
File was removed.
GM Tools/bin/com
File was removed.
GM Tools/bin/com/scarrone
File was removed.
GM Tools
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GM Tools/src
GM Tools/src/com
GM Tools/src/com/scarrone/gmtools/ Diff Switch to side-by-side view
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