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#24 no sound with pulse audio


Using xmame (SDL) version 0.106 (Apr 20 2009), cannot get sound to work properly. When looking at the command line options that gmameui passes to xmame (sdl), there are several options that cannot be removed: -volume 0 -bufsize 3.00 -audiodevice -mixerdevice -dsp-plugin -sound-mixer-plugin -samplefreq 44100. When I enter the same gmameui command from the command line w/o these sound related options, the sound works.

I am using Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 with gmameui 0.2.11 and xmame (SDL) 0.106, and Pulse Audio (libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio), all from the Ubuntu repository. Perhaps this is an issue where the pulse audio does not like those command line options?


  • Andrew Burton
    Andrew Burton

    Can you confirm this issue with a more recent version of MAME, e.g. SDLMAME? Without more info, I'm not convinced it's a pulseaudio related issue.

  • I experience the same problem with gnomeui 0.2.12-1 on ubuntu 11.04 (64-bit). This happens with xmame-sdl and xmame-x, both version 0.106.3-2ubuntu1. My sdl version is libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio 1.2.14-6.1ubuntu3.

    I will be happy to supply more data if necessary.

  • I'm also experiencing this problem. Looking at the command line args in the initial description, they look bogus to me; some of those options should have additional arguments (like the device to be used). Testing the dialog where the sound options are entered, it looks like many of the values in this dialog are not being saved properly when it is closed; the fields are cleared again when you go back in.