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Close didn't load today

  • Mike

    Very strange.. Today I opened my GmailAssistant and it said something about not being able to load the profile.  So I deleted the profile and figured I'd just make a new one. Upon entering my info, I clicked OK, and this dialog box comes up:

    Failed to connect to the Gmail server because of an unexpected error (javax.mail.MessagingException: RSA premaster secret error;
      nested exception is: RSA premaster secret error).
    Please ensure that GmailAssistant has internet access to the Gmail IMAP server at port 993.

    I'm connected to the internet and can access my google apps email via the web without a problem.. What could be causing this?

    • Zach Scrivena
      Zach Scrivena

      Update: The OP has resolved the issue by uninstalling the existing version of Java, and installing Java 6u12.