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Gmail Mobile v0.8 released

Gmail Mobile version 0.8 introduces full Contact support -- create,
edit, and delete contacts. A number of fixes are included in line
with changes made in the Gmail service itself, which rushed this
version's release.

Started as a proof-of-concept as an "alpha hack of a beta service",
Gmail Mobile has quickly matured into a stable and robust application
It is a PHP app to access Gmail (Google email) accounts on WAP/WML
devices and incorporates as many Gmail features as possible within the
limitations of a mobile phone.

Gmail Mobile 0.8 can be downloaded at:

In addition, this project now utilizes SourceForge's CVS service
(Concurrent Version System). Users can now try the latest additions
and bug fixes BEFORE they are released. *** The code available in CVS
is considered BETA so understand the risks involved before using this
code. ***

See the Change Log for changes in version 0.8. See the CHANGES file
for changes in all versions.


Important Project Links:

Main project page:

Project CVS:

Forum -> Help -- for general help, comments, offers to help, etc

Forum -> Open Discussion -- for comments, discussion, and anything
related to WAP, Gmail, Gmail Mobile, and/or libgmailer

Bugs (or Tracker -> Bugs) -- to report a program bug

RFE (or Tracker -> Feature Request) -- to request a new feature or to
change an existing one

Patches (or Tracker -> Patches) -- to post your own fixes or additions
to Gmail Mobile

Posted by neerav 2005-06-24