Returned to login screen after login

  • I'm using 0.9 and whenever I login (with the correct username/password) I just get sent straight back to the main page, with the boxes for login details again. There isn't an error message either.

    The diagnose.php file passes on all items.

    Anyone know what is up?

    • neerav

      There aren't a few lines above the username that say "Error: gmail or gmail mobile connection error"?  or Username/password incorrect?

      Are you seeing the same problem on my site?


    • Thanks for your response.

      No, the page is exactly the same as before. I don't see any extra text with an error message.

      About your site, sorry I don't know what the URL is. I had a look here and in other threads, but I couldn't find it.


      • neerav

        From the README:

        You can always test and/or use Neerav's (the current developer) installation of
        Gmail Mobile at the following shortcut:
        For some reason, the shortcut does not work on all phones, so the current
        direct URL (liable to change anytime) is:


    • Sorry, I should have found that link in the readme.

      Going to that site gives me the same problem - entering the correct username/password returns me straight to the login screen with no error messages.


      • neerav

        Does your password have one of the following symbols in it?

             &  #  \  ?  % ; :

        These MIGHT get corrupted on transmission.  When removing those symbols, signin works, please file a Bug report.

        Other than that, this is a stumper of a problem.  There should at least be an error displayed.  The only time an error is not displayed is when signin was successful, and in that case, the success page is displayed.

        Strange.  Is there anything in your error_log?


    • Hi Neerav,

      My password does not include any of those characters.

      However, I went to and I browsed to my WAP site. I was able to successfully logon to my Gmail account so there's nothing wrong with the Gmail Mobile code. I'm guessing there's a problem with my phone submitting the form - when I click the logon button it's as though my details aren't being sent to the server so the page just refreshes. Strange... something I need to sort out.

      Thanks for your help,

    • I have the exact same problem. Works fine in wapsilon but not on an LG4400 via Verizon. Will be upgrading phone this coming weekend so hopefully it will work then.

    • neerav

      I have good news and bad news.

      Good news is that I finally found the problem.  It occurs in very rare cases.  A workaround has been made.

      Bad news is that you will probably get: "Required field cannot be left blank".  Since you are filling in the fields, there could be something with LG's sending the fields.  The other possibility is that your network doesn't support (or blocks) the POST method of submitting data.

      Please try my site again.


    • Gmove

      I got the same problem.
      I went to
      and it keeps going back to the login page.
      I am using Nokia 6280
      Pls advise.

      • neerav
        2006-04-06 requires cookies, and only supports certain phones and networks.  You will need to visit the Gmail support site for further help with access to Google's Gmail Mobile.