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Page Cannot Be Displayed Error

  • I'm able to log in just fine, but when I try to view messages in my inbox, I get an error message:

    Page cannot be displayed

    I am using a Moto V330 phone on Tmobile US network.

    Recently, m.gmail.com stopped working for me, so I thought I would try this software. No luck so far actually getting to my msgs. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    • I should add that I get this error using the software on my own server, and also using the developer's installation....

    • neerav

      Reduce the number of messages displayed in a mailbox  in config.php to 7 or 5. 

      In my installation, you can simply set "page size" in the unofficial mobile settings to small or tiny and the rest of the settings will be automatically readjusted.

      Did that help?


    • I reduced it to 5 and it worked like a charm! Thanks so much. This is some great software!