should the project be cancled?

  • well, gmail just turned up to support mobile.

    • neerav

      Everybody knew that some day, and hopefully earlier than later, these projects would become redundant.

      That said, it has been decided to continue.  Our thinking: choice.  The new interface is still very basic and slightly buggy.  Your phone and network must support the use of cookies and https.  The phone requires xhtml and a hefty page size limit.  And their current development is geared towards US networks and phones.  That still leaves a lot of users unable to use their service and still need this project.

      It does sound like the beginning of the end.  But for now, it's still not the end. :-) 


    • Robert Altman
      Robert Altman


      No!  I have just recently discovered this site and I'm intending to use it as an alternative method of accessing G-Mail.

      There is currently an intractable technical problem between some Window Mobile 5 phone, T-Mobile's GPRS network, and Google (all Google site).

      They don't work together!  This may actually change from handset to handset, but it still leaves the issue that many people (myself included) simply can't access Google or G-Mail from a GPRS connection.

      Having an alternative pathway is invaluable.  I hope my thoughts and opionins are of value here; and thanks for GMail Mobile.