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  • is anybody working on implementation of the filters? that is, create a filter, modify it and delete it?
    btw, I noticed that there are quite a few functions in the library that aren't documented, mainly the label functions and the contact functions.

    • neerav

      I'm ironing the last bug on filters as we speak.  Changes have been committed into the CVS every few days, however, due to some sourceforge problem, it's not visible on the pserver.  This will hopefully be rectified soon.  In the meanwhile, email me your address, and I'll email you out a copy, if you promise to give feedback ;-)

      The label and contacts methods are included in 0.7.2 only because of last week's change in Gmail url caused premature release of the updated library.  As a result, updating the documentation will take some time.  The label methods have since stopped working and need to be fixed.

      If you have suggestions or problems with the new methods for labels, contacts and/or filters, please let me know.

    • Alex Hornung
      Alex Hornung

      I;m again the evil anonymous poster :P
      my mail is ahornung at gmail

      I was going to implement the filter stuff myself, I started yesterday sniffing the HTTP traffic, but didn't really begin to do it. It would be nice if you could send your code to me, and I'll give you feedback for sure. If I can help in any way, just send me a mail, I'd be glad to be able to contribute to this AWESOME project.
      today I'm going back to europe, quite a long flight, so I won't be able to give you feedback or whatever until tomorrow.