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GM Tools version 0-1-1 (development) has been released.

GM Tools aims to be a toolkit for Game Masters in all types of role playing games. This release adds some support for windows and windows binaries are included. It is hoped that this release will encourage windows users to become involved in the GM Tools project.
Since the last release absolute path information in the makefiles has been replaced and I have added Bloodshed dev-cpp project files for compilation under windows. It should now be possible for developers to compile the GM Tools from the source release without manipulating directory names. A new module has been added to the interface wrappers to support console display in windows.
Current priorities for development are:
1) Additional windows support to enable proper display of all elements.
2) Fix graphics modules to enable the terrain generator to display.
For more information see the overview:

Posted by Daniel Vale 2004-08-02

GM Tools version 0-1-0 (development) has been released.

GM Tools is a toolkit for Game Masters in all types of role playing games. This is the initial public release of this project which I have been developing (alone and in the dark) up until now.

The initial release is a snapshot of the project before moving the cvs control to sourceforge. It provides binaries (linux) of the various modules and a tarball of the cvs exported source. GM Tools currently provides a random campaign element generator, a playable text based adventure game and a character sheet management program. Work is well under-way for a fractal terrain generator, a solar system modeller, a magic spell builder and a combat system manager. ... read more

Posted by Daniel Vale 2004-06-03