#4 resizing GLWidget cripples other widgets

James Talton
Dmitry Malyshev

I have a simple app with a tool bar, status bar and GL widget in between. Nothing is drawn/cleared to reproduce the issue.

Vertical resize causes tool bar to be overridden by some trash pixels. (see screenshots)
Horizontal resize repairs other widgets somehow.


  • Window just started

  • Window (crippled) after a small vertical resize

  • James Talton
    James Talton

    Not sure exactly how to reproduce the problem. What kind of setup? OS? Video Card/Drivers?

  • Sorry - I didn't notice your comment. It's actually very important for me at the moment as my viewer tool GUI is screwed because of that.

    WinXP SP3. Running on .Net-3.5.
    Catalyst 10.0 on Radeon HD2600

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  • I'm trying to make a test case. No luck yet.

  • Example glade file

  • I've uploaded an example glade file (main.glade). All I do in code is loading the file and attaching a new GLWidget to 'drawBox1'. There is no need to draw anything to see the bug - just resize the window vertically.

  • I can't upload the test case as the size (1.3M) exceeds limits set by SF.
    Though, it should not be a problem to load Glade file provided. Notice that the bug disappears once you set "Expand=true" for the tool bar.

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  • It seems to be a bug in GTK that is fixed now.