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New Module + Update

For users of the EuroFlash Glucometer there is a new module which uses the same protocol as the OT Ultra but has a higher timeout due to slower chips in the EuroFlash. If you face trouble with FastTake Adapter enabled glucometers, you should try this module instead of the OT Ultra module.

The OT Ultra module was fixed since it had a memory bug due to a missing malloc() and free() in the source code. This bug could possibly crash KPumpe when trying to read out the glucometer's clock.

Posted by David Weisgerber 2002-06-05

InDuo Meters from Lifescan

... can also be used with the OneTouch modul because they are 100% compatible.

Posted by David Weisgerber 2002-05-27

Changed Namespace of OneTouch Ultra module

The OneTouch Ultra module is now called "OneTouch Ultra & FastTake" to make clear that it can be used for the FastTake Adapters too because they implement the same specifications. However this is untested but I hope it works.

Posted by David Weisgerber 2002-04-23

OneTouch Ultra Modul can be used for FastTake

Since the OneTouch Ultra is using the same Interface Specifications as Lifescan's FastTake Interface, you can use our OneTouch Ultra Modul for both. Please Mind that beta2 will be moved to "ot_ultra+fasttake".

Posted by David Weisgerber 2002-04-13

beta1 released + Homepage

The beta1 of the glucomodul was released and this project now also has a homeage.

Please mind that the OneTouch Ultra Modul also can be used with OneTouch FastTake.

Posted by David Weisgerber 2002-04-10

Reference Plugin released and some notes

You can now download the reference plugin for the glucomodul project. It is made for all developpers who plan to write their own plugin. It can be used as some sort of SDK.
Please note that the onetouch_ultra packages had some mistake in the Makefile which will make them not installing when some other plugin is already installed. But this is not very tragic and will be fixed with the next version of KPumpe.

Posted by David Weisgerber 2002-04-02

Alpha Release Available

There is now an alpha release available!

Posted by David Weisgerber 2002-03-06