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And end to madness: No more resizing

  • Andreas Umbach
    Andreas Umbach

    I'm getting rid of the 'grid size' control in GLtron, leaving only the 'speed' control. Before you start screaming (or worse, playing Armagetron), please read on, because you'll get some good stuff:

    • I'll ship a few differently sized levels with the game (yes, it'll include an 'extreme' edition that'll match current large scale arenas)
    • Level size will be easily tweakable through editing the level's .lua file (for the brave, the curious, and the mentally deranged)
    • In order to allow for levels to work with as many artpacks as possible, and still look decent, I'll allow for a custom 'level-default' artpack folder, that the lvl will use if the current artpack doesn't provide a suitable texture

    Here are the reasons for this:

    GLtron doesn't really have decent support for adjusting the grid size at the moment either. All the grid size thingie basically does is 'stretching' the world in all three dimensions. This has the same affect as just shrinking the lightcycle.

    If you look at the floor texture, you'll notice that the spacing of the lines compared to your lightcycle varies with the grid size setting. To counter that, I could adjust the number of 'floor tiles' used, but that opens its own can of worms:

    • The tiles won't precisely fit into the arena any more, making for possible wierd graphics at the edges of the arena. If I compensate for that (and always make sure the tiles fit into the arena precisely), the line spacing will be slightly different for different grid sizes
    • Artpacks that rely on the floor & wall textures to line up will break horribly

    Also, if you look at the walls, you'll see that they get higher and higher when the grid gets larger. That's not what you'd expect in a large arena, you'd only expect them to get wider, not higher. But if I do that, the texture on the walls will get distorted. If I decide to repeat the texture a couple of times, the problems for the floor tiles described above come up.

    So I think 'fixing' the level scale is really the way to go, and if you want to play a large level, select it. If you really like a certain level, but it's too small, and you don't mind a few distortions or misproportions, you can still tweak the lua file.

    Post flames below...

    • Draken Stark
      Draken Stark

      That's an awesome idea... makes me feel dumb for not thinking of it first >.< lol (I mean for as long as I've been here, sorry lol)

      Yey!! I finally have an account!!!!!

    • clarky2o2o

      I think its a good idea to abandon it. I noticed when trying to create my 3d levels no matter how i changed it (and the corresponding LUA). it would never change size.

    • He's talking about a new version! YEY!

      • Draken
      • Andreas Umbach
        Andreas Umbach

        Yes, yes. Still messing with the player limit though:

        For example, my TODO says "levels need to support more than 4 spawn points", so right now, I need to figure out where to put all those hundreds of AI players you're bound to create once I give you unlimited players (don't forget to lower the lightcycle details a bit if you do that...).

        • Andreas
    • OMG! Yea... being me, and seeing what I've done, you know what I'll be doing with that!
      soo many bikes... I can see it now...
      "Dude that was totally a spawn kill! WTF?"
      Me - "There's no such thing as a spawn kill in tron... lol" grins


    • clarky2o2o

      i dont think you would ever need more than 16 cycles at most on screen at once. maybe a respawning few.

    • All I can say is "WoW!" :-)


    • the only thing that i see is that maybe with such capabilities you might want some limit since you have the lightcycle colors or maybe even a random color generator thing of some sort otherwise some people might be weird. but so far that sounds really interesting.


    • Sounds like 255 would be a good limit if at all... cause thats how many shades of color you could have... then again you could have 255^255^255 (Correct me if I'm wrong on that math... I know it'd be at least 255255255) as that's all the possible values for colors. lol Well... then again if you want to try something new (and add yet another 255 to the strings above), you could use Alpha bleeding... but yea, who'd want an invisible bike? <.<... lol

      • Draken
    • lol
      i think invisable might be a bad thing since you might have people that you cant see terminating you in the game play.(pardon me) i had a question of what programs that are recently being used on windows versions and linux versions please.

    • I'd like to see no more than six light cycles on the grid. Like in the movie,3vs3.

    • clarky2o2o

      I would like to see a Royale rumble type game where bikes just keep coming until you die. then we could take snapshots to prove how many we killed at what speed.